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Scrap Metal Buyback

Retail Dock

Far West Recycling offers fast friendly service at three Portland Metro locations. Prices change daily and are the same at all locations. Please see the list of materials we accept.

How Buyback works - When you bring your materials in we will weigh the different materials on state certified scales. You will be paid cash for all ferrous metals and a check issued 3 days after sale for non-ferrous material. We do require state ID for all non-ferrous sales. This is in compliance with Oregon metal laws (SB 570).

Getting the best value out of your scrap – To ensure a smooth transaction please presort your materials before coming to Far West Recycling. The cleaner the material and better sorted the more money you will make for the material. Our scale buyers will help with questions but will not sort or clean your materials.

Metal Theft – Far West Recycling is an active participant in CICP and with local police and sheriff departments in combating metal theft.  Far West Recycling will NOT buy stolen material.

Questions about retail buyback? Contact:

If you have any questions please
feel free to contact:

Jeff Steinfeld

Metals Operatoins Manager

Jim Martin

Outside Buyer


24 Hour Dispatch 503.200.5412


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